Sarfira Movie Review (2024) | Release Date, Story, Trailer, Cast, Budget, Collection & Other Details

In “Sarfira,” you’ll dive into a world where startups meet the skies, creating a thrilling backdrop for an inspiring tale. Through lively storytelling, you’ll follow the journeys of enterprising individuals as they navigate the ups and downs of building something new. Each character embodies resilience, pushing past challenges and refusing to settle for the ordinary.

Movie Review– Against the backdrop of a fast-paced startup scene, “Sarfira” highlights the bravery it takes to chase dreams despite uncertainties. It captures the excitement of breakthrough moments and the quiet strength found in facing fears head-on.

Ultimately, “Sarfira” is a celebration of human potential. It urges readers to embrace their inner adventurer, daring to dream big and pursue those dreams with passion. Through its engaging story and relatable characters, “Sarfira” encourages us all to discover what we’re truly capable of.

Movie Release Date

“Sarfira” isn’t just a movie; it’s a story that mirrors India’s resilience and resourcefulness. It’s about facing challenges head-on, regardless of societal barriers like class and caste. The film inspires audiences to dream big and break free from the norm.

At its heart, “Sarfira” champions the idea of pushing boundaries and pursuing dreams relentlessly. It’s a reminder that with determination, anything is possible, even in a society marked by inequality and power struggles.

As the release date of July 12th, 2024, draws near, excitement for “Sarfira” builds. Viewers eagerly anticipate the chance to be part of a cinematic journey that celebrates the human spirit. With its exclusive cinema release, “Sarfira” promises to be an unforgettable experience for all who watch it.

Movie Story

In “Sarfira,” Akshay Kumar masterfully embodies the essence of resilience and audacity as he steps into the shoes of the protagonist, echoing the spirit of countless ordinary individuals who dare to dream big. Through his portrayal, viewers are invited to witness the relentless pursuit of a seemingly impossible dream, one that defies the odds and challenges the status quo of an industry often reserved for the elite.

The film delves deep into the intricacies of the aviation sector, shedding light on the daunting barriers that stand in the way of accessibility for the common man. Yet, amidst the towering obstacles, there shines a beacon of hope fueled by the protagonist’s unyielding determination. His journey is not merely a quest for personal success but a crusade for inclusivity, a testament to the power of human ambition and solidarity.

As the narrative unfolds, audiences are swept into a whirlwind of emotions, from moments of triumph to heart-wrenching setbacks. It is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, where every setback serves as a catalyst for greater determination and fortitude. Alongside the protagonist stands a supporting cast comprising family, friends, and allies, each contributing their unique strengths to the collective endeavor.

Drawing from the real-life experiences of Captain G. R. Gopinath, the founder of Air Deccan, “Sarfira” transcends the boundaries of fiction, offering a poignant reflection of the indomitable human spirit. It is a celebration of ordinary individuals daring to defy extraordinary odds, forging their path towards a brighter tomorrow. In the end, “Sarfira” not only entertains but also inspires, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of its audience.

Movie Trailer

Movie Cast

Release Date 12th July 2024
Directed bySudha Kongara
CastAkshay Kumar
Radhika Madan
Paresh Rawal
Rahul Vohra
Produced byAntara Banerjee
Aruna Bhatia
Music by G.V. Prakash Kumar
Written bySudha Kongara
Pooja Tolani
Casting byShruti Mahajan


Akshay Kumar’s upcoming movie “Sarfira” is making waves with an estimated budget of around Rs. 120 crore. This Bollywood flick has fans excited, given Kumar’s track record for delivering hits. Expected to be an action-packed thriller, the budget hints at impressive production values, including top-notch visuals and gripping storytelling. With such a hefty budget, audiences can anticipate grand sets, thrilling action scenes, and possibly even international locations. As excitement builds, fans eagerly await more details about what promises to be another blockbuster in Akshay Kumar’s career.


Day 1 Rs. 9.20 Cr.
Day 2Rs. 9.45 Cr.
Day 3Rs. 11.20 Cr.
Day 4Rs. 7.10 Cr.
Day 5Rs. 6.95 Cr.
Day 6Rs. 4.95 Cr.
Day 7Rs. 5.50 Cr.


Who are the main actors in Sarfira?

In this Sarfira film, Akshay Kumar, Radhika Madan played the primary leads.

Is Sarfira based on a real story?

The film stars Akshay Kumar, Paresh Rawal, Radhika Madan and Seema Biswas. It is a remake of Sudha’s Tamil film Soorarai Pottru (2020), which itself is an adaptation of G. R. Gopinath’s memoir Simply Fly: A Deccan Odyssey.

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