Rajinikanth Jailer Movie (2023) Makes Box Office History – Are Traditional Records Even Relevant Anymore

Rajinikanth Jailer Movie Makes Box Office History – Are Traditional Records Even Relevant Anymore is a huge hit around the world. People are super excited about it. The movie started with a big boom at the box office, breaking lots of records. ‘Jailer’ is full of action and excitement, and fans are loving every bit of it. Something special happened during a screening of the movie in a Chennai theater.

Rajinikanth Jailer Movie box - office collection
Rajinikanth Jailer Movie

Fans got so into the movie that they started dancing near the screen. But, oops, the screen couldn’t handle all the fun and got damaged. So, they had to stop the movie for a while, and the fans were sad to leave the theater.

The director Nelson Dilipkumar did an amazing job with the movie, and Rajinikanth played the cool role of a cop named Tiger Muthuvel Pandian. The movie also has other famous actors and a fantastic music score by Anirudh Ravichander. The visuals in the movie, done by Vijay Kartik Kannan, are really impressive.

Jailer is a big hit in Tamil Nadu, where it’s showing on a crazy number of screens. In just two days, the movie made a ton of money and became the top movie in the state. It looks like the movie will keep making a lot of money in the next few days, and experts think it might earn more than Rs 240 crores in its first week.

Because of ‘Jailer’s’ huge success, Rajinikanth is still a superstar who can draw a lot of people to the theaters. The movie is making a big impact and it’s clear that ‘Jailer’ isn’t just a regular movie—it’s a super-powerful blockbuster!n!”

Fastest movie in the history of Tamil cinema to reach Rs 150-crore mark

What’s really impressive about the movie “Jailer” is how incredibly fast it’s breaking box office records in the world of Tamil cinema! It’s now the quickest film in Tamil cinema history to cross Rs 150 crore, achieving this amazing feat in just seven days.

On the seventh day, the film earned a staggering Rs 159 crore, as reported by trade analysts. To put it in perspective, the previous record holder, “Ponniyin Selvan,” had managed to make Rs 131 crore in a week. “Jailer” is rewriting the rules of cinematic success and setting a new benchmark for future releases.

Jailer Movie international box office records

Talking about the film’s performance in international markets, the director provided some interesting insights. He mentioned, “In the US, ‘Jailer’ has reached the second spot among all-time highest-grossing Tamil films. Over in the UK, it’s only surpassed by ‘Ponniyin Selvan 1.’ In the Gulf region, particularly the UAE, the movie has now become the top-earning Tamil film.

Similar success can be seen in Australia and New Zealand, where it holds the second position just behind ‘PS 1’.” These achievements on a global scale highlight the movie’s wide appeal and its significant impact on audiences worldwide, solidifying its reputation as an international blockbuster.

First Tamil film to touch Rs 400-crore mark in a week

Let’s look at how ‘Jailer’ stacks up against other movie successes. Take Kamal Haasan’s ‘Vikram,’ which impressively hit the Rs 400-crore mark globally, but it took a steady four weeks to get there. Now, contrast that with ‘Jailer’—a true whirlwind. It managed to reach that same milestone in just one week, showing its lightning-fast rise in the film world.

Zoom in on the seventh day since its release, and you’ll find ‘Jailer’ hitting a spectacular Rs 411 crore, as sources like Sacnilk confirm. This achievement showcases the movie’s massive popularity and the tremendous backing it’s receiving from a wide-ranging audience.

Even the esteemed work of Mani Ratnam, ‘Ponniyin Selvan,’ known for its grandeur, accumulated only Rs 324.05 crore in its entire first week. This comparison magnifies the outstanding success of ‘Jailer’ and how quickly it’s become a sensation in the world of cinema.

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