Did you know Why Hrithik Roshan stopped Kaabil shoot for This reason? Rohit Roy revealed

Recently, Rohit Roy revealed an anecdote from the sets of Kaabil, a film that featured Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam in lead roles. Read on to know more.

 Hrithik Roshan stopped Kaabil shoot

In a recent revelation by Rohit Roy, known for his recent appearance on Khatron Ke Khiladi, a heartwarming anecdote from the filming of Kaabil sheds light on Hrithik Roshan’s exceptional dedication to safety and his collaborative spirit. This incident showcases not only Roshan’s professionalism but also his selflessness in ensuring the best outcome for the film and its audience.

During the shooting of the intense climax sequence in Kaabil, which featured an exhilarating 11-minute action scene involving Rohit Roy and Hrithik Roshan’s characters, an interesting incident unfolded. Roy, who was responsible for performing an action that required him to “hit” Roshan, approached the scene with caution, aiming to strike a balance between delivering a convincing performance and maintaining safety.

Fearing accidental harm to Roshan, Roy was executing the action with gentleness. To Roy’s surprise and admiration, Hrithik Roshan approached him with an unexpected request. Roshan encouraged Roy to fully immerse himself in the action, reassuring him that all safety measures were in place. He said, “Bro, go for it, hit me hard. You don’t worry, everything is in place, you hit me.

This moment exemplified Roshan’s remarkable lack of ego when it came to his on-screen appearance, emphasizing his unwavering dedication to delivering an impactful visual experience for the audience. The incident left Rohit Roy with a profound realization about Hrithik Roshan’s approach to his craft. Roshan’s focus extended beyond his personal image, transcending to a deep consideration for the overall cinematic effect.

Roy expressed his admiration, noting that Roshan’s concern was always for how the audience would perceive the final product on the big screen. Another instance highlighted Roshan’s strong commitment to safety. During the conclusion of an action-packed sequence, Roy was meant to take a fall after being struck by a rod. Roshan’s attentive nature led him to inquire about Roy’s safety measures.

When Roy casually mentioned that it was just a single shot and no crash mat was used, Roshan was quick to address the situation. He questioned whether Roy was performing a “deal fall,” to which Roy affirmed. Upon discovering that the action team had already packed up for the day, Roshan took immediate action. Despite being the son of the film’s producer, Rakesh Roshan, Hrithik Roshan’s priorities remained unwavering.

He refused to proceed with the shot until proper safety measures were in place. Roshan’s insistence on safeguarding Roy’s well-being led him to personally intervene, demanding the correct safety equipment be brought to the set. This act of solidarity showcased Roshan’s commitment to the welfare of his fellow cast and crew members.

Furthermore, the story takes a heartwarming turn as Rohit Roy revealed that Hrithik Roshan’s generosity extended beyond the set. Upon the release of Kaabil, Roshan, after witnessing Roy’s outstanding performance, gifted him a Panerai watch as a token of appreciation. This gesture not only speaks to Roshan’s professionalism but also his ability to recognize and acknowledge exceptional talent.

In essence, these anecdotes from the filming of Kaabil offer a glimpse into Hrithik Roshan’s remarkable character, emphasizing his dedication to safety, collaborative spirit, and genuine concern for his fellow artists. Beyond his striking good looks, it is these qualities that truly define Hrithik Roshan as a remarkable human being and a valued collaborator in the world of cinema.

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