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WeChat ID : casa8866566
+886 8 8866566


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How to Reserve Room Online:

  1. Use our website to check room availability for your intended date of stay.
  2. Please make reservations over the phone or by Line, WeChat or Email.
  3. We will confirm your reservation and inform you of how to make a deposit for your room.
  4. After you make your deposit, please contact us so we may confirm it.
  5. We will send you a final confirmation.

Payment online :

You may pay via Paypal or 支付寶. Please enquire about bank information from Casa Ostia. You may proceed with your online payment once you receive bank information from us. Please note that Paypal's fee is 5% of the deposit. The customer can pay this fee on arrival at Casa Ostia.

Online email enquiry service is available: 16:00-19:00

Please note that we accept cash only at Casa Ostia.

Shuttle buses to Kenting leave from the following locations

• HSR Zuoying
• Kaohsiung Train Station
• Kaohsiung International Airport
• Fang-Liao train station
Cost: TWD 400 / One Way
If you need any kind of assistance please let us know in advance.

Buses from HSR Zuoying / Kaohsiung Train Station / Fang-Liao train station

are available. Tickets cost around TWD 350 - 400 and the trip takes about 2 / 2.5 /1 hour(s) respectively
Kenting Express
King Bus
PT Bus
CN Bus

You may rent a bicycle / electric bike / scooter / car:

The prices are as a reference below.
• Bicycle:TWD 250/day
• Electric Bike:TWD 600-800/day
• Scooter:TWD 300-450/day (International driver's license is required)
• Car:TWD 1500-2500/day

To our room guests:

We strongly recommend that experienced guests use electric bikes or scooters. The scenery in Kenting is beautiful. However, there are 8-20 kilometers of steep roads. It's not always safe to travel on foot or by bike.

Pros and Cons of Electric Bikes:

。Pros: Economy and Convenience. You can easily enjoy the breeze as you drive.
。Cons: Electric bikes are slow (50km Only). Experience is a must.


If you're not confident using transportation on your own, joining a tour is another option. Half day tours costs about TWD 2000 / car.
A day tour costs about TWD 3000 / car. Reservations are required.
。Note: June – Sept. is the busy period.
。Pros and Cons of Tours: Easy and comfortable, but more expensive.

If you travel in a group of 2 to 4 people:

You may consider renting a car with an international driving license. You can make rentals in HSR Zuoying, Kaohsiung International Airport or Kenting.
。NOTE: Not all car rentals accept international driver's licenses.







Casa. Aperta
Casa. Ostia

Hengchuen Bus Station

TWD 50
Per Person /
Per ride


7-11 in front of
HengChuen Bus Station

Casa. Aperta
Casa. Ostia


Casa. Aperta
Casa. Ostia

7-11 at Nanwan(South Bay)
7-11 at Swan Lake Villa Resort


Casa. Aperta
Casa. Ostia

7-11 at Nanwan(South Bay)
7-11 at Swan Lake Villa Resort

Note: Reservations are required. Please tell us the number of guests and remember to be on time.

More traffic information, please find the link below.

From Casa Ostia, the nearest restaurant is 5-10 minutes by car. It's about 7-20 minutes to the nearest convenience store, to Hengchuen and to Kenting Main Street. You may also heat up food in our kitchen or use the kettle in your room to make instant noodles.

Breakfast hours: 9:00 - 11:00 am. Life moves at a slow and relaxed pace here; hopefully you will enjoy your time in Casa-Ostia. If your travel schedule requires you to leave before 9 a.m., we will do our best to serve you. Availability of breakfast before nine is subject to staff availability.

Check in: 17:00 / Check out: 11:30

We are unable to accommodate guests who arrive before 15:00. If you arrive before 15:00, feel free to have your packed lunch and relax. We thank you for your understanding.